Monday, November 10, 2014

Annike's 10th birthday bedroom make over

No party for Annike this year, instead she asked for her bedroom redecorated as her birthday gift. The brief was bright, modern and fun and she asked for a giant budgie painting as focal point as that is Annike's favourite bird. She also wanted aqua in her room as that is one of her favourite colours. Above is the mood board and colour palette for Annike's room. It took 4-6 months to plan, save, buy and then do up her room.
We replaced the curtains with shutter blinds, the brass fan/light system was replaced with a white ceiling fan/light (Beacon lighting), the twin single beds was replaced by a double bed with under storage (from Ikea). We also purchased new linen (from Adairs), bedside table (from Target), study desk and chair from Adairs and study light from Beacon. The painting was designed and painted in acrylic by me (extra large canvas and paint from Riot Art).

The main painting: As I mentioned Annike wanted a budgie, and a BIG one please. So off I went to Riot art and purchased the biggest canvas I could find, about 1.8 x 1.8 metres (it just fits in my car!!). So after I get home I started getting scared as to how BIG this canvas really is in real life and the last time I painted anything was about 3 years ago. It took about 2 days of staring at the blank canvas and lots of calming breaths before I had the courage to start painting. I had sketched some pre-ideas about 3 weeks prior using photo's of a budgie from different angles and this is the design both Annike and I liked best. It took 1 week of continuous work (9am - 5pm) to complete this piece, we were both very happy with the result. This is acrylic on canvas.
Of course what is a birthday without cake :-) I matched the cake design and colours to Annike's Adairs bed set, the focal point being the sugar Dahlia (which took 3 days to complete, petal by petal). This was a double barrel extended tier in caramel toffee sponge.


  1. Hi, I saw your pencil desserts on I am doing an 8th grade graduation party for my son. And I would love to have these on the buffet. Can you please share the how-to or sell me a batch?

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